Grab-n-Go &

Espresso Bar

Nothing beats a latte and a croissant in the morning!  We offer a variety of specialty coffees from our espresso bar located at the Grab & Go counter.  While your coffee is brewing you can select from a delectable display of freshly baked pastries, muffins, and croissants.  Feel like something a little heartier?  Opt for one of our signature quiches warmed to perfection with a crispy crust.  What a great way to kick-start a beautiful day in paradise.

Sushi Bar

Fresh. Light. Tasty. We like to think of our feature bar in A&D as a focal point of our Great Room. A gathering place to reunite, reconnect and relax – it is a versatile space where guests can grab a bite, cozy up to a book, or catch up with family and friends over something to drink. Evenings are a time when our bar is in full swing. Buzzing with energy, it is a hot spot for guests to indulge in our Sushi Bar and try one (or many) of our handcrafted cocktails or tasty sodas. Enjoy classic edamame or a poke bowl and a variety of fresh hand-rolled-in-front-of-you sushi rolls