OCT 11, 2022


Our Executive Chef Romeo Penacino originally hails from Buge, Argentina but has lived and worked in many places around the world.  With Argentina’s diverse weather, the country has a variety of ingredients that Romeo grew up experimenting with in his culinary journey, such as quinoa and peppers from the North, to wild berries and seafood from the Atlantic coast in the Southern region of Patagonia.  

With Italian heritage, it was customary for his family to have gatherings around the dinner table.  His paternal grandparents had a small farm so their meals were truly “farm to table”, and they opened a restaurant using much of the produce they grew themselves.  His maternal grandparents worked in a cheese factory and during the weekends would host large barbecue events. 

Between the diversity of Argentina’s culinary offering and his family’s passion for food, it’s no wonder Romeo became a chef.  After working in a variety of locations around the world, including our Beach House back in 2008, he returns to Anchor & Den to lead our culturally diverse culinary team.  He believes The experience offered at A&D is truly a unique one and he finds it a pleasure to be part of the process of creating varied experiences for all our guests.