OCT 27, 2018


We are super excited to be launching the new menu at the beginning of next month and it’s got us feeling all nostalgic about some of our favourite dishes that are still making the cut year after year. Dishes from the signature A&D burger to our Halloumi Cheese Flambé are classics in our eyes and we believe why fix it when it’s not broken! One dish that’s been taste tested by the masses and has been approved from day one is the braised short rib gnocchi. This complex yet homely dish has had our regular customers coming back for more and more! This dish made its Cayman debut at Anchor & Den’s first ever appearance at the islands biggest foodie festival, Taste of Cayman back in January 2015. After selling out over 2000 in the space of 3 hours we knew this dish was a winner and had to headline the menu! This belly-warming meal is perfect for a family meal or you want to impress your guests at your next dinner party. If you’re up for the challenge, chef Pedro Passalacqua has kindly provided the recipe to knock the socks off your guests! This recipe is for 4-5 people. Step 1 – start with the gnocchi. You will need: 1.2 kg Idaho potatoes 1 ½ tbsp. kosher salt 350 gr all-purpose flour + for dusting 1 whole egg 3 egg yolks Instructions Peel and cube potatoes. Cook potatoes up to mash potatoes consistency. Mash the potatoes and weight 1 kg of the mash potatoes. Add salt and flour. Eggs and mix until a soft dough. Dive the dough into 4 pieces. And form a half finger size rolls. Cook in salted boiling water until they float and keep cooking for 30 seconds, strain and reserve. Step 2 – the Arrabiatta sauce You will need: 2 cups medium diced fresh tomatoes 2 cups medium diced onion 2 cups medium diced mushroom 2 cups medium diced red peppers 2 Tbsp. chili flakes 1 tbsp. oregano 2 Tbsp. chopped garlic 2/3 cup olive oil Salt and pepper to taste Instructions Mix everything and cook in a deep oven roasting pan for 45 minutes at 325 F. Add 1 cup of marinara to the cook mixture. Step 3 – the short rib Short rib 1.5 lb. of bone in short rib 1 white onion 1 leek 1 carrot 3 garlic cloves 2 celery sticks 1 cup of red wine Instructions Cut veggies into large cubes Heat up a roasting pan on the stove and sear the short rib both sides Take the beef from the roasting pan and add the vegies. Add 1 cup of red wine and evaporate alcohol. Add 5 cups of water and bring to a boil. Add the beef, cover the roasting pan with aluminium foil and cook the short rib for 3.5 hours at 325 F Once cook shred the short rib and reserve. Once all your elements are prepped you can go ahead and serve up! This recipe will also last up too 5 days! Heat up the arrabiatta sauce and add the shredded short rib. While doing that sear the gnocchi in a nonstock pan and add them to the sauce. Serve the gnocchi with a tbsp. of ricotta and some shaved parmesan for an extra element of luxury! Enjoy.