JUL 4, 2017



At A&D we all have a little bit of wanderlust running through our veins and one thing is for sure, we love food! Exploring different cultures through food and drink is really what we are all about.
After the success of our 4th July themed brunch last Sunday, it got us thinking about how our Boulangerie Brunch has evolved over the years. This Sunday will mark the 136th edition of our ever-changing brunch, starting all the way back in November 2014! Since then we have listened and learnt from you guys, our regular brunchers and we continuously experiment with new and exciting things to keep you on your toes. From our monthly themed affairs to the all-out there ‘special edition’ brunches we like to keep it fun and fresh!
Every Sunday we love to change up our dishes, from short rib eggs benedict to black sesame tarts, it gives our culinary team a blank canvas to showcase their skills, and for you, the chance try something new. When it comes to our monthly themed brunches we want to immerse you into the culture of that country. Whether it’s experiencing a classic Argentinian Empanada for the first time or indulging in an authentic Indian curry, we want you to feel like you, and your taste buds have been transported. The key to this, is authenticity and that all hails from the cultural diversity that runs through our culinary team. With over 30 chefs in our kitchen from all parts of the world, there is always that little bit of home in every dish.
If you are a regular at our Sunday Boulangerie Brunch you might have tried one of ‘special edition’ brunches. A couple that just passed us were Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, where we put on quite a show with additionals like a flower crown station for all the mothers on Mother’s Day and a floral themed cocktail station. Also, a Caybrew beer station and  a ‘create your own old-fashioned’ station at the Father’s Day affair. These live stations give the experience an extra element, who doesn’t want to let out their inner mixologist.
Speaking of cocktails, maybe you have tried our del-ish unlimited ‘Grab & Go’ cocktail station. Curated by our wonderful mixology team every week they feature 3 signature cocktails. Whether it’s our famous Prohibition cocktail or something seasonal like a local mango daiquiri, we like to keep it fun.
When it comes to brunch we don’t mess around and we will keep changing thing up and creating exciting new elements for you to enjoy. We love hearing your feedback so keep it coming on social media and remember to tag your brunch buddies.

Keep your eyes peeled for what’s else we got up our sleeves!