MAY 9, 2017



Last week whilst taking pictures in Anchor & Den, we captured a beautiful shot of some of the team together (very rare, they are very busy bees!) We realized afterwards that everyone in this picture is a mommy or mommy-to-be and we were inspired by their stories of dedication to their families.
In light of our exciting Mother’s Day celebrations, we thought this was a great opportunity to hear how a few of the moms from A&D do the hardest job of all – and we aren’t talking about working in the restaurant business!
From the breakfast team, to the Grab & Go, the evening staff and also the kitchen, these ladies power through and always have a smile on their face. What makes Anchor & Den so special in our eyes is that everyone considers each other as family. Spending a lot of time together in and out of work, everyone always has each other’s back.
We decided to invite these four for a quick cup of tea to ask what they love the most about being a mother:
(In order from left to right) 

Introducing Yesenia, Lead Server at A&D – 4 months pregnant, mother-to-be:
I’m so excited to become a mom, obviously I’m scared of what’s going to happen in 5 months’ time (laughter) but I can’t wait to have the few months after he or she is born to spend time with my partner and our baby – our happy little family. I still have moments when I say to myself ‘I’m going to be a mother, wow!’ it is still something I will have to get used too! 
Introducing Manju, Lead Hostess at A&D – mother to Liam, age 2 ½:
I love seeing Liam grow up in front of my eyes; he’s becoming such a character.  He just started pre-school, this was really difficult for me and probably the most difficult thing I’ve had to endure as a mother so far (laughter). I miss him all the time when I’m working but you know you can’t keep them small babies forever. I want him to stop growing sometimes (laughter); it is going so fast. Treasuring these moments; I know they will be the things I look back on when he’s older when he is developing into a stroppy teenager. So I live for these moments now, in the present; this is what life is all about.
Introducing Donique, Hostess at A&D – mother to Jelani age, 10 months:
The reason I love being a mom so much is the breathtaking feeling you get when you see your baby smile; that smile is the reason why I live. The smell of him, he’s only 10 months and he still has that gorgeous new baby smell! The faces he makes when he sleeping gives me this overwhelming feeling, which is something I never thought was possible. You think your happy in life then you have baby – happy is an understatement, its something that’s unexplainable.
Last but not least introducing Wendy, Lead Server at A&D – mother to Kritza, age 15 and Amy, age 4:
I am very proud of my daughters, my eldest Kritza is such a good girl; she’s very similar to me (laughter.) We have a very good relationship, she’s my best friend and vice versa. You would think a moody 15-year-old teenager would be going through that ‘nightmare’ stage (laughter) but she’s just amazing. She doesn’t expect anything from me, just love; she’s a beautiful person.
Amy has such an adventurous soul; all the small things she does and says makes my heart want to explode with love. She doesn’t realize right now how much these little things mean to me. Every morning I get ‘good morning mommy, open your eyes! I love you!’ These moments are everything.
We have an exciting line-up of activities in store for Mother’s Day weekend so this is the perfect opportunity to stop by and meet these wonderful girls. On Friday, we are hosting a special Apothecary Happy Hour featuring Mother’s Day inspired cocktails. On Saturday, we have our Alice in Wonderland inspired Mad Tea Party – the most unique teatime experience on the island and fun for the whole family. Not forgetting on Sunday, we will be showcasing a special edition of our signature Boulangerie Brunch, including some amazing additions alongside bottomless De Chanceny’s Cremant de Loire such as unlimited Rose wine, a Pop-Up Bar with Mother’s Day themed cocktails and surprise cocktails from our Grab & Go cocktail station. We will also be featuring a special Flower Crown station where moms will be taught how to make fresh flower crowns to take home as a unique memento of the day.