MAR 4, 2020


Last year we launched our ever so popular Tuesday night special menu, Argo. Argo is one of our favourite theme nights where we explore all the delicious cuisines from the Aegean region, including Greece, Turkey & the Middle East. We are thrilled to announce the menu has gotten a refresh and will be making its big debut Tuesday, March 10th! We interviewed Chef Crystal to learn more about this menu update and to get the inside scoop on what new dishes we can look forward to enjoying from this beautiful part of the world!
Q. What does the process look like when you want to update a menu? How does your team work together or pitch ideas?
A. The process….. starts by researching and having group discussions about the menu. We are very lucky in that we have Mohammad who is from Jordan originally. His knowledge of the Turkish cuisine is beyond compare in our kitchen. This also helps us keep it authentic. He has been instrumental in the creation and development of this menu and theme night. We all put forth ideas and start doing tastings. We build off the dishes and ideas as a team. Most often you start with an idea but by the end it has changed and grown into a complete dish. It all comes from teamwork, feedback and a love for food.
Q. What can our guests expect to see in this menu update?
A. Guests can expect to see more freshness in the sense that we really wanted the food to speak for itself. We’ve paired items to help bring out the natural flavors and really be able to give you that experience you would get if you were to eat these items in their native country. We wanted the changes to reflect the energy and passion that has gone into perfecting this menu. It is certainly more colourful and exciting and I think you will be able to taste that.
Q. Dish that was pitched that surprised you the most?
A. Kunafa –a homemade katafi dough with cheese and a syrup. When Mohammad originally pitched this idea I had no idea what he was talking about. I was leaning towards another dessert. He made it and honestly, it’s amazing. It’s unlike anything I’ve had before. The description really doesn’t do it justice. This is one our guests will have to try for themselves and they will come back for time and time again. It’s that good!
Q. Which new item do you think will be the absolute star?
A. It’s a toss-up between the Grilled Octopus and the Tuna Crudo – Both amazing new dishes.
Q. Your personal favourite dish on the Argo menu?
A. The new Argo Salad – there is so much going on in it from the halloumi to the watermelon to the pomegranate to the cashews…… I can’t have just one bite of this!
You can enjoy Argo every Tuesday night at Anchor & Den from 6:00PM-10:00PM!