APR 18, 2018


How are you celebrating Earth Day? How about grabbing a few friends and cheers-ing to the beauty of our planet!


At A&D we believe this beautiful little island we call home is full of wonderful treasures, especially in the yummy stuff! We think using sustainable, local ingredients where ever you are in the world is crucial for the environment. It should always be the first option and not only because we want to support our local farmers but also we love to celebrate native produce. We are proud as a restaurant and cherish our relationships with local farmers and suppliers, even our A&D handcrafted gin is locally crafted and bottled! 


This super easy G&T recipe is the perfect conversation starter and all the main ingredients are all locally sourced. We’ve given you the low down and where to purchase the supplies!


Recipe per single serving.


1 oz. A&D gin – can purchase from A&D
½ oz. Cayman honey syrup (2:1) Reagan’s Honey Cayman
1½ oz. A&D cold-brew coffee – can purchase the beans to make your cold brew from A&D’s Grab & Go
Fever-tree classic tonic water – can be purchased in most supermarkets
tools: bar spoon

Lots of ice
glass: Collins
garnish: lemon peel


To make a batch of honey syrup, pour 10oz of honey to 5oz of water into a pan on a low heat and let simmer until the honey has dissolved. Store in a air tight container and it will last up to 6 weeks.


Combine all ingredients (except tonic) in a glass over ice and stir until the glass is frosty. Top with tonic and garnish with a fresh zesty lemon peel. Wah-lah, coffee, gin-y, honey goodness!