AUG 10, 2017



We always have people inquiring on how this funky monkey got to be our brand for these delicious chocolate creations. Well there is a method behind the maddest.
The branding of our Bomboneria was inspired by the first pioneers of chocolate – monkeys! These awesome creatures were the first to discover cacao beans. Monkeys would break open the cacao pods to get to the pulp that surrounded the beans. Little did they know that when they would eat the pulp and spit out the beans they were also spreading the beans, which led to cacao trees growing all over south and central America. Looking back, we have these monkeys to thank for all our favourite chocolate creations!
We showcased the brand concept in 2015 at the local foodie festival ‘Taste of Cayman.’ It became an instant hit with locals around the island and from there La Bomboneria at Anchor & Den was born.
Since then A&D’s in-house Chocolatier Denise, has been hard at work developing unique flavours to satisfy everyone’s palate, from classic milk chocolate bars to balsamic and raspberry explosions. La Bomboneria provides many exciting flavours to choose from, you always have the opportunity to experiment! Whether you want to try a milk chocolate bar filled with Dulce de leche *drools*, a fun chocolate lollipops or go all out and get a sharing box and pick 12 of our favourite flavours.
If you’re stuck on ideas for what will satisfy your chocolate craving, we have your back! We have listed our 5 absolute faves from this season’s La Bomboneria offerings.
Mango bonbons.
Seasonal fruits here in Cayman are something we all look forward to every year. Local mango ganache + white creamy chocolate is an absolute winner.
Lemon & Cilantro Bonbons.
Cilantro? Yes, Cilantro! With the sweet and sour of the lemon, the herby flavour of the cilantro all wrapped up snug in a dark chocolate shell, it’s an explosion of weird greatness! Don’t be afraid to experience, these elements work crazy well together, its beyond delicious.
Margarita Bonbons.
White chocolate + Tequila, need we say more!
Horchata Bonbons.
A classic Mexican treat with a rich creamy rice pudding surrounded in dark chocolate, just yum!
Raspberry Marshmallow Bonbons.
This one I think is our ultimate favourite. Dark chocolate pearls with a fluffy raspberry marshmallow inside a white chocolate shell = chocolate marshmellow-y bliss!
Stop by our La Bomboneria every day from 4pm- 10pm, our helpful hosts can guide you through the offerings we have. The selection boxes are a fantastic unique gift for a special someone or if you want to treat yourself, everyone deserves good chocolate!