MAY 24, 2018


What a journey it has been! We are looking back over the last three years of our Dark Night evenings with fondness, light and excitement for the future!

During the New Moon every month, creating a sacred space to honour the celestial cycles of our planet has been a key event at Anchor & Den. With the last Dark Night of the season behind us we have been humbly reflecting on the success these evenings have generated! We’re so lucky to have made such soulful relationships with local Light Workers on island and with this, keep our Dark Night spark alive and fresh! Throughout the years the organic growth of our Dark Night community has been phenomenal and we love welcoming newcomers every month.


We are reminiscing about all the unique activities we showcased as well as the ever-changing Pop Up Bar to the new and fresh activities. A few highlights that stuck to mind is the Crystal Infusion Pop Up Bar and the Aromatherapy-Inspired Bar. We love experimenting with new and exciting concepts and our New Moon Pop Up Bar gives us that platform for our bartenders to get super creative! Our crystal infused cocktail went down a treat with the locals – our bartenders were dishing out love with our summer-inspired cocktail infused with rose quartz and citrine cocktails! Mix that in with the vibrating tunes from our Resident Dark Night DJ Khy Boogie and intention setting through vision boards, aromatherapy, art (plus so much more); Dark Night was nothing but good vibes all night long!


We want to thank all of our amazing Light Workers and the loyal Dark Night community members for all they do for us. Watch this space for future updates on our signature evening. We will back and better than ever!