JAN 17, 2018



As we leave 2017 behind we look back at all the wonderful moments we’ve encountered through the world of food. Here at Anchor & Den, we are true believers in the terminology ‘Food Happiness’ and our moto ‘Inspired Globally’ isn’t just a term we use lightly.  We’ve mentioned this many times throughout 2017 and if you’re not familiar, let us give you a quick rundown!
We believe that food is a wonderful thing and not only because we need it for survival (obviously!) but also we use food to create meaningful moments in our lives. We celebrate by eating and we welcome people into our lives by inviting them to share a meal with us. We begin new relationships often over meals and drinks. When we are mourning, people will bring us meals to express their love and compassion. To quote the wise George Bernard Shaw – “There is no sincerer love than the love of food,” and boy is his right, no matter who you are we’re genetically programmed to enjoy the comfort of food.

We are looking forward to 2018 being the year for exploring – food exploring! We can’t wait to experiencing new flavours, being adventurous, revisiting or experimenting with flavours you haven’t tried before!

It’s a fact that as we mature in age so do our taste buds. Your subconscious and memories can convince you for years that you don’t like something based on your last (normally not favourable) experience. However, in real fact your palate has changed throughout the years and you should always give new things another go, you might surprise yourself on how you taste buds react to it!
We encourage you to really embrace these 365 days of discovering your very own Food Happiness, we hope you join our movement!