OCT 18, 2018


Call us old fashioned but we think that the 80s is one of the most awesome decades of all time! With its funky pop culture, totally tubular movies and music, ‘too cool for school’ fashion and unique food and drinks – we can’t get enough of this iconic era. Here we list the top five things we suggest checking out at this Friday’s Retro Night Market. Be there or be square!


1.       Bag yourself an 80’s band shirt

Make sure to stop by our Retro T-shirt stall and purchase some limited-edition Night Market merchandise from Bruce Springsteen to Pink Floyd. Don’t miss out on getting your hands on one of these cool vintage tees!


2.       Visit the Miami Vice bar and sip on umbrella-topped cocktails!

We are really throwing our cocktail game back to the 80’s. Close your eyes while sipping on a tequila sunrise or a strawberry daiquiri – your taste buds will transport you back to the boardwalk of South Beach in 1985!


3.       Zone in and watch The Goonies at the A&D bar!

Of course what 80’s childhood was without The Goonies? We’ll be playing this nostalgic movie on the screen throughout the evening!


4.       Indulge your sweet tooth with a childhood favourite – the banana spilt

This iconic dessert really puts a smile on our face. Stop by the Cool Kids Dessert Station and treat yourself to one of these delicious classics with a cherry on top!


5.       Get a photo with a vintage ride

We are in love with the idea of red classic sports cars so we thought, why not transport one into the middle of Anchor & Den? Get a snap in the driver’s seat of a classic 1985 Fiat Spider! With some palms trees as your backdrop, you will swear you are cruising Miami in this beauty!


Take a chill pill and come hang out with the cool kids! Taking place this Friday, 19 October from 6pm.