FEB 19, 2020


Looking for a fresh, simple, and totally customizable breakfast? Look no further than this healthy and beautiful Smoothie Bowl! Chef Crystal shares how to make your own Smoothie Bowl at home with your favourite fruit, toppings and yogurt. We are sure you will love this so much it will quickly work its way into your morning routine!
Smoothie Bowl
1 Cup Greek Yogurt – Flavored or Plain
2 Strawberries, Sliced
1 Kiwi, Sliced
Handful Blueberries
Toasted Coconut
Handful of Nuts (We like Walnuts best)
Handful of Dried Fruit (Our favourites are raisins and dried cranberries)
Place yogurt in the bowl and have fun with adding toppings! We like to make it fancy and put it in rows! Enjoy!