JUN 14, 2017



“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” – Nate Berkus

Our space and how we decorate it is very important to us and we believe that the details that make up a home or where you spend a significant amount of time help influence and define us.

We consider Anchor & Den our home, not because we work here but because we think the ambience reflects a nostalgic, home-away-from-home environment. All of the details from the décor like the Apothecary Station to the comfortable furniture, invite you in. We aren’t just foodies here – we are curators of moments and we believe this is what brings our guests back time and time again.

If you are one of our regulars at A&D you will be familiar with our ever-changing walls that are dotted around the Den. They’re a great backdrop for your photo-perfect moments.

We are suckers for design, architecture and lifestyle magazines and we pull a lot of ideas from magazines like Architectural DigestHome PolishSurface and Kinfolk, just to name a few. They have inspired some of the stories behind our walls and culinary concepts, including our theme nights. 

The Holistic Wall, tucked behind the Grab & Go station represents the spirit of the new moon, which was inspired from our signature Dark Night event. The artwork relates to the moon cycle and we feature quotes about good energy, intention setting and our holistic activities; giving you a piece of Dark Night every day!

The Explore Wall is the most visual wall when entering the restaurant. The images represent the connection to the ocean and the hunger to travel. We all have a little wanderlust in us and this wall presents itself with many elements of adventure and the ocean blue.

And finally hidden behind the Explore Wall, in the corner of the restaurant, is the Foodie Wall. This wall in particular inspires many of us in A&D as well as our guests. Glimpses of unique books grace the shelves, from established culinary books like ‘The Food Lab’ to cultural reads like ‘Lucha Loco,’ which actually helped shape our El Milagro Mexican Street Food night.

We get a lot of questions asking where we get our wall art and paintings from and we purchase the majority of them from Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Good design inspiration is so easy to come by nowadays with social media. Try it for yourself and express your personality through the walls of your home.

Here are a few easy design tips from the A&D collective to help you individualize your space: 

  1. Photos – Feel free to display all kinds of photos! Black and White images, Colour photographs, Polaroids – they really light up a room as well as personalising it. Pictures of your family and friends or your travel photos will really make your home more visually exciting and are always a great conversation starter for your guests.
  2. Pieces of art – It doesn’t have to be a crazy expensive oil painting you can create your own art. Make a cool mood board – purchase a cork board and pin postcards from your travels, your favourite cities, or inspiration you find in magazines; anything that expresses your personality and style. These small details make such a difference!
  3. Books – They instantly give character to any space. Choose your favourite books from literature classics to trendy cookbooks; they will give your space a cozy touch.

Make sure to stop by and check out the signature walls of A&D if you need some creative encouragement!