APR 26, 2017



As the New Moon approaches once again it’s time for us here at Anchor & Den to create a sacred space and dim the lights for our signature Dark Night event. We will be preparing ourselves for an evening of candlelight, vibrating tunes and smoking white sage to honour the celestial cycles of our planet. We believe that sharing a sacred space will help magnify the power of our intentions. Our idea was to do it in a fun way as well as introducing deep holistic notions.
The New Moon represents new beginnings and it is during this time that the moon is empty, receptive and full of potential. It is the optimum time to look deep within and discover your hopes and dreams. Setting intentions during a New Moon is a powerful and meaningful way to align with the world around us and provide guidance in our lives.
The atmosphere during the event is also very special – there isn’t anything like it on island. Every month, we offer different holistic bites and celestial-themed cocktails and beverages. People come to enjoy the fabulous food and unique ambience, as well as to mingle with like-minded individuals.
We offer multiple activities during the event and we are incredibly lucky to welcome back time and time again, the wonderful Light Workers that helps us make the event so special.
For instance, Dale Avery, Natural Balance Wellness Specialist, oversees the popular Vision Board, Chakra Coloring and Vision Jar activities. She unveiled the Vision Jar activity last month, giving guests the opportunity to take with them a remembrance of the intentions that were set that night.
Alongside Dale we have our live Art Corner by Avril Ward, where guests have the opportunity to enter a raffle to win a one-of-a-kind painting that she creates right in front of your eyes.  Across at the Atrium, we have the wonderful Beverly Edgington, a well-known Holistic Practitioner here on the island with her extremely popular Aromatherapy station. Right next to Beverly we have Stephanie Arch from Sea and Stone Boutique showcasing with her incredible crystal library available for you explore all night long.
Our newest member to our Dark Night programme is spiritual life coach Keysha Angel with her ‘Connecting with The Universe’ activity. She will help guests deepen their connection with the universe and harness the power of their intention setting by leading a short light reading.​
After enjoying all of these fantastic activities we welcome our guests to enjoy a stargazing activity on our beach with the Cayman Islands Astronomical Society.
If you haven’t attended one of our Dark Night events yet, experience all we have to offer every friday closest to the New Moon, see for yourself what everyone is talking about!