SEP 27, 2017



We know we aren’t the only ones that think a satisfying cup of coffee in the morning is heaven on earth, quite literally! We love coffee so much at Anchor & Den we had to look into creating our very own blend, something that really stood out from the crowd. Last month we finally launched our yummy exclusive blend of coffee in collaboration with Paradise Coffee (a locally-based distributor) and we are can’t get enough of the results!
Here’s all the deets on this delicious blend and how you can you make café-worthy coffee at home.
The Blend 
The A&D coffee is a blend of 75% Brazilian and 25% Colombian Beans. Brazilian coffees are very balanced with a good mixture of smooth sweetness and some tart, fruity acidity (the brightness of the coffee’s taste). They are often described as having a “clean” flavour. Brazil is actually the world’s largest coffee producer, providing 25 percent of the United States’ coffee beans.
The classic Colombian profile on the other hand as a mellow acidity however has a very strong caramel sweetness to it, this really brings out the nutty undertone of this kind of bean. This combination gives you a well-balanced, subtlety sweet, dark roasted blend. 
 The Roasting Time
The temperature for the A&D blend is 458 Fahrenheit and the roast time 16.5 minutes.  During the roasting process the sugar in the coffee beans caramelizes and provides chocolate-y characteristics. Del-ish!
There are many cool and traditional methods to bring your coffee to life nowadays. We’ve thrown together a few of our favourite ways of brewing coffee at home just for you. Give them a try and taste the difference it makes to your morning cup of Joe.
Moka pot
The Moka pot was invented in 1933 by the infamous Alfonso Bialetti. This little machine uses steam pressure build up from the boiled water that’s then passed through the coffee grounds to create silky smooth coffee. 
To create the perfect cup, you will need to make sure the grind of beans is medium – coarse – if you purchase our A&D pre-ground coffee you will ready to go.
For more info on Moka Pot’s visit Stumptree Coffee for some tips and tricks.
To purchase a Moka Pot, many places sell them but we recommend buying directly though the company who created them! Bialetti.
French press
The French Press method, invented in 1929, is widely considered as the best and easiest method for brewing consistent coffee. It produces luscious, expressive and complex flavours and at an average price of $10, anyone can have café quality coffee at home.
You can easily pick up a basic cafetiere from your local supermarket or if you want the best in the market you can purchase from VonShef.
To create the perfect cup, you will need to make sure the grind of the beans is coarse.
For some tips on French press cafetieres visit
Drip Coffee Cone
One of the most classic, simplest and cheapest ways to brew coffee is the drip method using a coffee cone and paper filter. The shape of the cone and their filters will influence the flavours of your morning cup of joe. It’s a very easy way to get a good complex cup of coffee. You can purchase a coffee dripper from the experts at Bee House or even Amazon.
To get the most out of your beans make sure the grind of beans is medium – coarse to allow the water to slowly release the oils (also the caffeine) into the cone.
If your coffee mad as much as us, you know there is no other way to celebrate World Coffee Day then with a cup of the good stuff, but you know what’s even a better way to celebrate? Adding some cheeky booze to make the good stuff, GREAT stuff! Join us from 5pm for a Coffee Inspired Apothecary Happy Hour this Friday where we will be serving our very own roasted coffee entwined with some delicious alcohol infusions.