MAR 28, 2017



Here at Anchor & Den we are all about the hottest trends. At our A&D social event we hosted in February, we turned heads with our aperitif bar cart. Complete with a selection of classic Italian cocktails (and a cracking good show with it), it was such a crowd pleaser! We thought we would share a few A&D Tips for styling and prepping your very own Bar Cart… We like to call it ‘The Art Of The Cart’. Read on to find out more.
Bar carts dates back to the late 1930s and early 40s, originally used for tea parties in higher income homes, their popularity stretched all the way though until the 70s. The classic trend fizzled out throughout the next few decades until – now! This mid-century staple is having a revival! With owners swapping styling tips and pictures of their carts all over social media people can’t get enough of them. We thought we had to get in on the action and you should too.
First things first…

To pick a cart!
There are many places revitalizing the Bar Cart. Check out Urban Outfitters, Restoration Hardware, Anthropologie and Pier 1 just to name a few; they differ in prices and range from bold, bright and out there, to floral, fancy and elegant. When you find the one calling out your name, you will know! Once you have your bones for your cart, you can start customising. This is what we suggest:
Choose your staple booze:
Premium Gin (we recommend Tanqueray 10), Vodka for a more neutral base, a good Scotch Whisky that can be enjoyed neat and a good aged Rum (we recommend Ron Zacapa OX) a good collection to please the masses.
Have some extra-credit booze:
Aperol, Campari, Luxardo Maraschino, sweet and dry vermouths, St Germaine and Grand Marnier. Something to jazz up your cocktail-making skills.
Tonic water, juices, sodas, syrups and bitters. Have all mixers refrigerated ready for your party!
Finishing Touches:
Have fresh citrus, maybe some statement garnishes like flowers or dehydrated fruits. Watch this space next month as we will be blogging about dehydrated fruits and how to use them.
A coordinated but eclectic mix of glassware, as well as a couple of trendy glasses like Moscow Mule mugs or Mason jars.
Tools essentials:
Jigger, shaker, strainer, corkscrew and ice bucket.
You also might need a squeezer, knife and cutting board just in case you want to add some extra ingredients.
and one last thing…

Add a decorative accessory:
You can add your own touches to the cart such as a vase with a few flowers, candles or a small green houseplant. There are no rules with these things! You can display striped paper straws in a cute container and drape a quirky wash towel over the handle just to add that extra detail.
You can visit different websites for great cocktails recipes, from classics to up-and-coming cocktail trends – there is something for everyone!
Keep an eye on our blog, we love to dish out the delicious cocktails recipes we have here at Anchor & Den.
Try this at home to create a statement piece and have everyone talking about your amazing dinner parties!