MAR 14, 2018


This Saturday (the 17th) marks the first new Moon of the Year of the Dog! We wanted to get in there early and start celebrating, of course, at our signature Dark Night. We’re so lucky to have such a fast growing Dark Night community and from the very beginning this unique event has brought together like-minded individuals from all over the island to celebrate the new beginnings of the beautiful New Moon.
If you’re a regular at our Dark Night evening you probably had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Beverly Edgington at her Aromatherapy station. Beverly is a familiar face on the island and has many years of experience as a Reflexologist and Holistic Practitioner here in Cayman. She has been one of our original Light Workers from day one. Her Aromatherapy station each and every month is always popular. She creates such a special, personalized experience for all that attend her activity; she has her very own Dark Night following!

We sat down with Beverly to discuss what truly inspired her to become a Light Worker and what it means to her to be a part of the Dark Night community.
Beverly, you have been with us from the very first Dark night, what inspired you to become a light worker?
From a young age I was always inquisitive and curious and sought out “alternative” ways to look at problems and solve questions. However life found me following a different route and I ended up working in the Corporate Environment of Finance in the City of London. As time went by I realized that stress was having a detrimental effect on my health and life in general and so I sought out less conventional ways to combat the disease I was feeling in my body, a way to put myself more in control. I saw a naturopath, reflexologist and aromatherapist and they literally changed my life. Fast forward three years and my life had done a complete 180. I was now a stay at home mum to two beautiful girls (something I thought that would never happen) and I wanted to help others in a way that I had been helped so I undertook a BSc (Hons) in Complementary Medicine with a specialism in Aromatherapy and I never looked back. I’m a believer in holism and look to help and assist the whole person, inside and out. As a clinical and holistic aromatherapist I consider all factors when in discussion with my clients as their greatest intention and good is my ultimate goal.
Your chakra aromatherapy activity has been just a wonderful addition to our Dark Night offerings. Can you explain to our newest members of the Dark Night community what it is and the benefits they can achieve from this activity?
I have created, specifically for the Anchor and Den Dark Night event, a range of blended essential oils which will each balance the Chakra we believe to be out of balance, or most in need of help. I have combined the essential oils so they may restore energy within the body helping the chakras to be open and working in harmony with each other in order to create balance in mind, body and spirit. I spend time with each person discussing areas where they believe there may be imbalances and then we combine the essential oil with salts so they may take away and enjoy the oils at home. I encourage each person to keep their intentions in mind when breathing deeply and fully for the first time, so that later on smell reminiscence plays a big role.
What is the importance of balancing your chakras?
Your chakras refer to the seven energy concentrations based throughout your body and each is thought to individually govern body, emotion and spiritual energy. Although individual the chakras also work together and when all seven are in balance a greater sense of peace and well-being comes to you physically, mentally and spiritually.  Balanced chakras allow our energy to flow freely, creating harmony.
Can you talk us through any simple exercises we can do at home to help any blocked chakras?
Chakra balancing at home can occur through simple meditation, focusing on the Chakra you wish to bring more into balance. I would suggest spending quiet time, with your chosen aromatherapy blend close by, just breathing deeply and quieting your mind. Breathe in fully and deeply, repeating your intentions and goals.
Exercise that connects mind and body, such as yoga, is also extremely beneficial.
Any hands on healing energy, such as reiki, would also be highly advantageous but always seek out the help and advise of a fully qualified professional therapist.

Come and visit Beverly this Friday in Anchor & Den starting from sundown.