MAY 9, 2018


The Mothers of the A&D Collective

For the last few years A&D has become the perfect setting for some of the new moms of the local community to meet up, connect and chat about motherhood. To our surprise this mommy-baby group has developed organically throughout the years and has become a wonderful tradition at A&D on Tuesday mornings. We are so happy that they have chosen us as their weekly hang out spot.

In light of Mother’s Day this Sunday we wanted to take the opportunity to thank these beautiful mommies and their babies as well as celebrate all the mothers out there! We sat down with a few of them for a cuppa and asked them to share why they love being a mom.

Introducing Lina, mother of 2 boys – Archie age 2, Hector age 6 weeks.

“Being a mum is such a blessing. I love seeing how my little boys change each day. Archie is a real character! He makes me laugh every single day and I love hearing all of his stories and being part of his adventures. Hector is a real cutie. He is changing so much and very quickly, so am making the most of my maternity leave and am enjoying getting to know him. Watching my two boys grow is the best thing ever. Witnessing all of their ‘firsts’ and helping them to make lots of happy memories. They inspire you to be happy and to make the most of life. One day they will be all grown up and might not want to cuddle mummy anymore so I am squeezing in as many I can now!”

Introducing Emma, mother of 3 girls – Florence age 3, Jemima age 2 and Ivy age 6 months.

“I had all my children in quick succession so the past 4 years has been kind of a whirlwind of babies and pregnancies! Being a Mum brings me so much joy and pride. At every stage I seem to claim ‘this is my favourite age so far.’ From the awe-inspiring feeling of holding a curled up and needy newborn for the first time, right up to the constant questioning ‘why?’ of the inquisitive 3-year-old – every stage is just wonderful to be a part of. I feel so proud to be able to watch my girls grow up; each developing their own unique characters and role within the family. Seeing them play together and love each other brings me such joy it’s hard to put into words.”

Introducing Charlie, mother of 2 girls – Erin, age 3 and Holly age 1.

“The unconditional love, it’s so pure and trusting, and the feeling of being part of something special – our own family team.  I also love watching their personalities developing every day and the curiosity in all they see and do.”

Aimee Chipchase, mother of George, age 2.5 and Sienna, age 5 Months.

“It’s hard to put into words and I don’t think I can pin point one exact reason. My children have taught me many things, I see myself and the world differently now that I’m a mum. 

Through my children’s eyes I am able to witness how beautiful the world is when you see something for the very first time. I love that my days are unpredictable and full of adventure. The overwhelming feeling I get from knowing I’m loved endlessly (no matter what I look like or what I wear) is indescribable. 

My son is at such an amazing age. He makes everyday life interesting and exciting. A drive to the shops is fun, it’s an adventure and thought provoking. We notice the small things together; an airplane flying through a cloud, a dustbin truck driving down a lane, a bird sitting in a tree. My daughter is still very new to the world so I’m currently enjoying witnessing all of her ‘firsts’.” 

Introducing Catriona, mother of Jack age 3 months.

“I love the cuddles! Especially now that my little man is smiling and laughing. I try and get as many cuddles as possible because I know one day he won’t be interested!” 

Introducing Ashleigh, mother of Jed Austin, 8 weeks.

“Being a Mum is the best! Watching Jed grow and learn is so rewarding. Baby smiles and cuddles make my heart melt and make the difficult times worth it. Every day I get to hang out with my best mate.”

We have an exciting line-up of activities in store for Mother’s Day weekend. On Friday, we are hosting a special Apothecary Happy Hour featuring Mother’s Day inspired cocktails. On Saturday, we have our Alice in Wonderland inspired Mad Tea Party – the most unique teatime experience on the island and fun for the whole family. Not forgetting on Sunday, we will be showcasing a special edition of our signature Boulangerie Brunch, including some amazing additions alongside bottomless De Chanceny’s Cremant de Loire such as a Pop-Up Bar with Mother’s Day themed cocktails and surprise cocktails from our Grab & Go cocktail station. We will also be featuring a mini bouquet station where you can create a beautiful memento for the special woman in your life to take home with you.