APR 20, 2017



Here at Anchor & Den we take tea very seriously, we love it!
Our signature Afternoon Tea offering, A Mad Tea Party, which we host every Saturday is a very popular place to be. It attracts gatherings of friends, family celebrations and people who just love a good cuppa! During this weekly event we celebrate art, literature, music and all things delicious. Inspired by the Mad Hatter Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland, it is not your average cup of tea! We offer creative blends of tea designed by the experts of Tea Time in Cayman, along with delicious scones, finger sandwiches and sweet treats!
To celebrate National Tea Day in the UK, people will flock to the National Tea Festival in London on Saturday 22 April to celebrate the tea world. The event will be held in the splendor of Kensington Roof Gardens in West London where guests will enjoy the feeling of an afternoon garden party in the heart of the Capital with all proceeds going to charity. In addition, charities all over the country are hosting tea parties to raise awareness and money for their causes.
In light of this fantastic celebration, we tracked down our good friend, fellow tea lover and the co-owner of Tea Time in Cayman, Kadi Pentney, to see what floats her boat when it comes to tea.
A&D: Kadi, we all love a good cuppa! I adore an English Breakfast tea first thing in the morning (I need my caffeine!) but I’m a creature of habit and I continue with this flavour all day long even in the evening. Can you give any advice to people like myself who have questions on which tea is suited for the right moments of the day?
KD: It’s nice to have a cup of black or green tea in the morning to give you a bit of a caffeine kick!  Our most popular morning teas are Royal Affair (English Breakfast), Workin 9 to 5 (Earl Grey), Cayman Sunrise (black tea with citrus), Super Zen (blend of Matcha and Sencha green teas) and Go Green (a tropical green tea.) After a big meal, Oh Natural – Peppermint (caffeine free, plain peppermint) is the best to help with digestion.
If you’re needing some help to get you through the day, Spice it Up Cayman (Yerba Mate with cardamom and other spices) or Fresh Peppermint (green tea with Peppermint) are great to give you mental clarity!
Before bed, Just Breathe (blend of chamomile, valerian root and more) or Red Sunset (plain rooibos) or Nap Time (chamomile) are all caffeine free and help to relax your mind and muscles.
A&D: What is the best seller here in Grand Cayman and why do you think it is so popular?
KD: Beloved Isles Cayman, a tropical green tea, is definitely our best seller! I think some people are attracted to it because of its name and association with Cayman and others love it simply because it’s delicious iced or hot.
A&D: What is your favourite tea at A Mad Tea Party and why?
KD: I’d have to say Caramelicious which is a dark oolong with caramel and hazelnut pieces! It’s so smooth and subtly sweet and goes perfectly with all your delicious sandwiches, scones and desserts.

As a part of the #NationalTeaDay celebration Anchor & Den is playing its part by welcoming donations for the Kiwanis Club of Grand Cayman during this Saturday’s Mad Tea Party, taking place from 1:30pm–4pm. visit www.AnchorAndDen.com to book a table and let’s make a difference together!