JUN 7, 2017



Here at A&D we are known for our yummy cocktails and with the bank holiday fast approaching we thought we would share with you the recipe of one of signature G&Ts and with World Gin Day coming up this Saturday what a perfect excuse for a get-together!
The London Green and Tonic is a super refreshing cocktail; we can’t think of anything better that  treating yourself or a gathering of friends over the 3-day weekend with one of these! Whether your having a get-to-together at a BBQ or a relaxing day at the beach this cocktail is so easy to prepare and you can batch it for groups of any size, more the merrier!
The combination of mint, English cucumber, lime and gin is mouthwatering! You don’t need to be a bartender to prepare this you all you need is metering cups, strainer, a potato peeler, rolling pin and a jug big enough to prepare it in.
Let’s get your shopping list ready:
This recipe is for 10 cocktails so you will need:
1 bottle of Tanqueray Gin/15oz (half the bottle)
2 whole English cucumber, 1 for muddling 1 for garnish
a bunch of fresh mint
5oz of fresh lime juice
5oz of simple syrup (half white sugar half water, recipe to come)
1, 6 pack of fever-tree tonic
1.         First chop first cucumber up in 1cm cube pieces and set aside, the second one grab your potato peeler (sounds weird we know!) and slide it along across the cucumber until you have a long peel of cucumber, this is for your garnishes so make 12 just incase.
2.         Pick your mint leaves of the stems
3.         Half your limes horizontally and squeeze them into a separate container
4.         Make your simple syrup
a.          Add 5oz or 150g of sugar into a measuring cup and add equal part of warm water
b.         Stir until the sugar dissolves, wha-lah!
Now you have your prep done you can start building your cocktail, grab your jug.
5.         Add your cucumber the whole thing chopped, 5oz of the simple syrup you have made (remember the amount you have made is double so make sure you measure, with your jigger or your measuring cup) and 5oz of lime juice
6.         Muddle, muddle and muddle that cucumber!
7.         Grab a hand full of mint (apart 4 pieces per cocktail so in total = 40 pieces) and smack that mint by clapping your hands to release all the oils from the mint
8.         Then for the best stuff, the gin! Add 15oz this is 1 ½ oz per person
9.         Cover your concoction with plastic wrap and place in the fridge overnight. This will let all them flavours combine and infusion into the gin.
So your all ready for your beach party! Before heading out you will want to strain your drink into a container getting all the pieces of mint and leftover cucumber.
Grab your fever-tonic six pack and throw your cucumber slices into a Tupperware and your set for your day!
If you want to really fancy, we are known for our ‘fancy ice’ you can purchase the molds for these from your local supermarkets or from amazon.
10      : Last step! When serving you want to pour 2 ½ oz. of your mixture over ice and add half of the bottle of your fever-tree tonic. Enjoy!
Now you know our secret, come and see the experts at the A&D bar in action and learn about some bar techniques, you will be a professional in no time!