JAN 10, 2019


If you’re one of our A&D regulars then you know we are all about exploring the world to discover new flavours. We fully embrace our motto, ‘Globally Inspired’ and 2019’s new menu is most definitely this! From tasty Thai meatballs to our unique twist on a Shepard’s Pie; all of our new dishes are handpicked memories from all over the world – check out our new favourites!

One ‘come back’ dish that has been getting a lot of attention at our Specialty Events is the Spinach Banuelos. This delicious and healthy appetiser was originally created for our Holistic Bites menu during our signature Dark Night events back in 2016, but it was so popular that it was chosen as an Amuse Bouche for 2017’s A&D Social. The feedback has been out of this world so we just had to give them a permanent place on the menu!

One new addition to our signature salads offering is the the Roasted Veggies & Homemade Burrata Salad, which is bouncing with flavour and we can’t get enough of it! This kind of salad is what we are all about; tasty local veggies topped with creamy, decadent burrata cheese – enough said!

A dish making a name for itself is Executive Chef Steve’s Pate De Campagne dish. Steve’s signature pate recipe headlined one of our most recent foodie events ‘Chef’s Cut’ and had guests going mad over its subtle and delicious flavours! This comfort food appetiser is a perfect shareable for the table and served with fresh homemade sourdough bread, you would think you’re in a brasserie in France!

Another one of our new favourites dishes is the Thai inspired meatballs. Our culinary team are always on the hunt for new exciting combinations and this dish was inspired by recent trips to South East Asia. Jam-packed with mouth-watering flavours – they are a must try!

For sushi lovers, some of the new additions include our new signature A&D Sushi Platter, which includes our popular Hurricane Roll, irresistible Anchor Roll, Surimi Salad plus much more. Our Sushi Chefs went on an exploratory trip to California to discover the best ways of preparing sushi. The concepts that they brought back with them are nothing short of the best and you can really tell when you sample their delicious dishes!
Last but not least – we introduced the now famous Banana Dulce Le Cheesecake, which became a mega hit virtually overnight. Imagine your favourite banoffee pie combined with the best cheesecake you have ever tasted. We think it is so yummy that it will want you to start with dessert first!

Make sure to swing by Anchor & Den soon to sample all these amazing new dishes – we promise you won’t regret it!