NOV 29, 2018


it’s only 9 days until the second edition of our A&D Sessions and we can’t wait to get stuck into all the delicious food and more-ish drinks. With Christmas just around the corner, we of course had to throw a few festive favourites into the mix and one cocktail we can’t get enough of is the A&D Christmas Mule and we’ve got the recipe for you!
If you’re thinking about hosting a holiday party this year we know it can be tricky planning and prepping for the evening and the last thing you want to do is spend your own party playing bartender and preparing cocktails all night! Having recipes that we can make ahead of time can make your life so much easier and this recipe is the perfect batch cocktail to serve up to the masses!
First things first, you need to purchase some Moscow Mule mugs! You can purchase some on or visit your local hardware store.
Second thing, make the Christmas Syrup
Spiced Christmas Syrup
3 cups of sugar
4 cups of water
3 sticks of cinnamon
1 star anise
5 whole cloves
peels from one orange
peels from one lemon
1.Add all ingredients into a large boiling pan on high heat.
2.Once at boiling point bring down to simmer for 30 minutes
3.Stain all ingredients out and let cool
4.Keep syrup up to two weeks Next, follow the recipe
Recipe per person
– 1 ½ oz of Titos infused with @TeaTimeInCayman Christmas Tea
– For the infusion – infuse one bottle with a ¼ cup of loose leaf tea for 24 hours and stain out (if you don’t use it all you can store for up to 3 weeks)
 – ½ oz fresh lime juice
– ¾ oz Spiced syrup
 – Topped with Franklins Ginger beer
 – Sprig of mint (for garnish)

Build your cocktail into your mug. Ice first, then add all the other ingredients, top with ginger beer and stir. Add a sprig of mint for garnish – easy peasy! If you want to batch the cocktail, add all the ingredients into a big container except the ginger beer and leave in the fridge until you’re ready to serve! 
If you want to test this before committing, swing by the A&D Sessions and try one at the Christmas Mule Station. 
For more information and tickets for the A&D Sessions click on our Special Events Calendar